Annual General Meeting on 22 June 2016 – New Board of Directors and new President

The AGM of the Cyprus German Business Association took place on 22 June 2016 at the premises of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the host structure of the association.

The main topic of the agenda was to elect and to establish a new Board of Directors in order to enhance the Association’s activities. A new Board of Directors has been elected and can be seen here.

In order to work more efficient, the new Board decided to amend the Memorandum of the Association as far as the number of Vice Presidents shall be increased from one to two, one being a German and one a Cypriot individual. The German Vice President’s focus of activities and responsibilities will be more focusing on affairs related to Germany, while the Cypriot Vice President will more focus on affairs related to Cyprus.

Stefan Nolte has been elected as President of the Association, while Capt. Eberhard Koch and Anthony Ashiotis have been elected as Vice Presidents. The new President will serve the Association based on his substantial experience in voluntary association work and management of SME associations and WASME.

The new Board of Directors is very enthusiastic to enhance the Cyprus Germany Business Association to new levels and is committed to achieve the new goals.

The new Board of Directors decided to meet every last Tuesday of the month.

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