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The Cyprus Germany Business Association


The partnership of Germany and Cyprus is based on friendship, mutual interest and the fact that our economies complement each other in many ways.

The close relations between the two countries are reflected in economic and commercial facts and figures. Germany always played a crucial role as one of the most important import countries of Cyprus. While Germany was the fourth largest import country, after Greece, the United Kingdom and Italy, until the end of 2015, Germany is now the second largest import country for Cyprus as per the statistics of the first four months of 2016.

More and more German companies are benefiting from Cyprus as a basis of their business activities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and even beyond. They set up offices in Cyprus, provide those offices with adequate staff and manage their MENA activities from a safe place and from within the EU, yet being closed to their target markets.

Being one of the largest centres for shipping business worldwide, Cyprus is home to the global and regional headquarters of many German shipping companies.

A considerable number of German tourists travel to Cyprus every year to spend their holidays on the sunny island of Aphrodite and thus become good will Ambassadors of the beautiful island in Germany.
Many young Cypriots have studied or study at German universities to build a solid foundation for their future professional careers and to establish a close relationship towards a host country that has much to offer as far as export products, advanced technology and expertise in a broad variety of fields are concerned.

During the last years, Universities of Cyprus and Germany successfully established interesting common scientific and R&D cooperation programmes in various areas.
The CYPRUS - GERMANY BUSINESS ASSOCIATION, enjoying an enthusiastic and committed process of re-activation under its new Board of Directors since June 2016, believes that there is still much room for further improvements of current relations, and that there are additional areas for establishing new cooperation ties between the two countries.

The Board of Directors of the Association welcomes every individual, company or other body who wishes to develop further the relations between Cyprus and Germany to become a member!

Stefan Nolte
President (2016-2018)
July 2016