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The Vision of the Cyprus Germany Business Association (CGBA) is “to safeguard and enhance the image of Cyprus and Germany, create meaningful cooperation, become influential in politics of public interest which we represent and provide professional and educational support to our members and the public”.

CGBA acts as a bridge between Cyprus and Germany, in both directions. The Association organises and carries out activities to assist companies in Cyprus to better approach the German market, and it assists German companies to find business partners in Cyprus and to set up their presence in Cyprus.

CGBA also acts as a lobby platform for its members and their industries.

The Association’s members are driven by their commitment to develop and to provide tangible value for its members and for the society of Cyprus.

Cyprus and Germany traditionally enjoy excellent relations and cooperation. The close relations between the two countries are reflected in economic and commercial facts and figures. Germany always played a crucial role as one of the most important import countries of Cyprus.

As a former British colony, Cyprus naturally maintained very close relations with the United Kingdom. While those relations will continue after the BREXIT, economic relations already started to change. Cyprus did also lose its closest alley in the European Union. The new order provides a chance for both Cyprus and Germany to further the two countries’ good relations, in politics as well as in business and economic cooperation.

Since some years, Cyprus witnesses an increasing influx of German companies that are setting up regional offices serving the MENA region, or to benefit from the business-friendly environment and from the availability of well-educated staff, as seen in the ICT industry, for example.

Being one of the largest centres for shipping business worldwide, Cyprus is home to global and regional headquarters of many shipping companies from Germany and other countries.

Research institutes of universities in Cyprus are cooperating with German counterparts as well as with Fraunhofer Institutes in the area of applied sciences.

A considerable number of German tourists travel to Cyprus every year to spend their holidays on the sunny island that is packed with cultural high-lights and thus become good will Ambassadors of the beautiful island in Germany. German tourists often prefer Cyprus for cultural holidays during the off-season periods. 

The Cyprus Germany Business Association has been founded in 2008 under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). At the end of 2020, the Association has been transformed into a non-profit organisation registered with the Registrar of Companies of Cyprus as a company limited by guarantee, a company form typically chosen by non-profit organisations. The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the founding members of the Association’s new structure.

The daily activities of the Cyprus Germany Business Association are managed by a board of our directors, while fundamental decisions are taken by its extended board of 20 persons, consisting of the founding members.

CGBA closely cooperates with the German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Athens and Thessaloniki.

As the President of CGBA, I cordially invite companies in Cyprus and in Germany to become a member of our Association to support our vision and mission.

Steam ahead, make new ideas happen!

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