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The Cyprus Germany Business Association


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Great Get Together of CGBA members after COVID restrictions since 15 months!

The members of the Cyprus Germany Business Association enjoyed their first physical Get Together after 15 months of COVID lockdowns and restrictions. The happiness on our faces is a clear evidence that Zoom calls just cannot replace personal interaction.

Mr Ulrich Peitz, Economic Counsellor of the GErman Embassy to Nicosia, honoured the Get Together with his much appreciated presence.

Our Get Together also functioned as an ideal platform for our new members to mingle with our "old" members. We welcomed our new members Paola Hadjilambri, representing the law firm Michael Kyprianos, Cristo Savidis, representing Coral Ship Management, and Elini Sofokleous and Kyriakos Christodoulou, representing Ernst and Young (EY).

Also present were Alexandros Ioannides, Andreas Ttafounas, Anthony Ashiotis, Beate Christeleit , Capt. Eberhard Koch (Vice/President), Christodoulos Stylianou, Costas Votsis, David Blabolil, Dirk Fry, Efi Athanasiadou, Irena Georgiadou (Vice-President), Joseph Tsirakkis, Karim Maataoui, Kikis Treppides, Maria Makridou, Marios Loucaides, Michael PnevmaticosSilke Rottler Dimitriou (German Embassy), Stefan Nolte (President), and Tatyana Koch.

Looking forward to many more events!

"Steam ahead, make new ideas happen!"

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