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The Cyprus Germany Business Association


Transformation of the CGBA into an independent legal body

The current Cyprus Germany Business Association under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE) is the first bilateral business association under the umbrella of KEVE that will shortly be transformed into an independent legal body on its own, with the consent and the participation of KEVE. The new CGBA will be registered as a Company Limited on Guarantee and as a Non-Profit Organisation.


The Founders’ meeting will take place on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 from 12:30 to 13:00, at the KEVE Building, 2nd Floor.
The Founding Members need to sign the Memorandum and Articles of the new Cyprus Germany Business Association Ltd.


Background and Rationale of the Transformation of CGBA

Strong organic ties with KEVE

KEVE fully supports this new development. KEVE will be a Founding Member of the new “Cyprus Germany Business Association Ltd” and will always have one representative on the Board of Directors.

Governmental support

The transformation of the current CGBA into a legal entity registered on its own goes in line with the Government’s “Economic Diplomacy Initiative” and the Government’s intention to further Cyprus’ ties with Germany, in light of the upcoming BREXIT. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs already expressed its desire to closely cooperate with the new CGBA.

Why will the NEW CGBA be stronger?

The progressive step of transforming the CGBA into the NEW CGBA Ltd will enable our Association;

  • to act on its own with its own legal identity,
  • to be self-managed,
  • to manage its own financials and budget,
  • top open its own bank account,
  • to accept and manage sponsorships,
  • to enter cooperation agreements with local and foreign organisations and associations,
  • to organise useful events in Cyprus and abroad in cooperation with governmental bodies and appropriate organisations and associations,
  • and more.

Please express your interest to become a founding member not later than by 12 November 2019, by sending an email through our Contact Page.

Thank you!