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The Cyprus Germany Business Association


Aiming to foster the economic relations between Germany and Cyprus, the Cyprus-Germany Business Association, shortly CGBA, was established in Nicosia in March 2008. The Association is in strong collaboration with the public and private sector and operates under the umbrella of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Association is supported in its efforts to promote business and business-related educational and R&D activities between the two countries by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cyprus, the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Germany, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry & Tourism of Cyprus, and other governmental and private institutions in Cyprus. The Association is in closed dialogue with a number of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce as well as business and economy related German associations.
It also supports the businesses that might benefit from a stronger and more organised economic collaboration between the two markets, since both countries are members of the European Union.
Members to the Association can be individuals and/or legal entities from Cyprus or Germany that have notable and distinguished contribution to the Business community.
The role and activities of the Association can be divided in two distinct levels of operation:

On a National/International level:

  1. To further enhance and reinforce commercial and economic relationships between Cyprus and Germany;
  2. To enhance interactions on an economic as well as social level between Cypriot and German business people and professionals;
  3. To offer members access to the Cyprus and German Chambers of Commerce and Industry and their exhaustive network and database of business contacts in order to allow them to interact, trade and form strong bonds, and consolidate their activities between themselves and their counterparts abroad;
  4. To increase the exchange of knowhow and expertise between entities of the two countries;
  5. To intensify the cooperation in the area of research and development and to extend its results to the business communities;
  6. To contribute to professional education in Cyprus.

On an Individual level:

  • To inform Cypriot and German business people of the availability of resources that will help them locate products, services, business partners, and to be advised as to how best to introduce and promote their companies in the markets of both countries and the wider market of the European Union;
  • To encourage “networking” for the promotion and stimulation of business relations and investments in the two countries (i.e. through Business Forums, Trade Missions, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs etc.);
    To present members’ views to the government and other related bodies and authorities.

Means to achieve the above goals:

  • An effective way to achieve the goals is enlarging the member basis of the Association from both Germany and Cyprus, creating a powerful organ that effectively engages in matters of bilateral economic affairs. The major incentive for a business or a professional body to become a member should be the guarantee that his area of business and his business concerns will be promoted and supported directly through the Association and its activities. In addition, members will benefit from direct and practical access to potential business opportunities.
  • In co-operation with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as with respective German Chambers, the Association provides for its members a further database of contacts that are likely to be useful to them.
  • The organisation of specific seminars and workshops in Cyprus will enhance practical professional and market knowledge of Cyprus producers/exporters.
  • Cyprus Business forums promote Cyprus as a market, its advantages for investment and as a base for business activities of German companies in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Quarterly member dinners with interesting national and international speakers create a platform for members’ socialising and networking.
  • Continuous collaboration with official bodies and associations in both Germany and Cyprus are reinforcing the interests of the bilateral business community as well as further developing the business and cooperation between the two countries.