CGBA to attend Reflect 2024 and offers special rate for members!

Each year, Reflect Festival celebrates creativity and entrepreneurship in Limassol. As the largest technology & innovation event in Cyprus and one of the fastest growing in the Mediterranean area it is more than just an innovation showcase; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration. This year, on May 30th and 31st, it is aiming to bring together over 10.000 entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts, creating the do-not-miss place for building networks across Southern Europe, Middle East & North Africa.


Reflect Festival’s partnerships with countries worldwide exemplify this ethos. Partner organisations gain access to a vibrant community of thought leaders, showcasing achievements, attracting investment, and fostering international partnerships. The objective is to establish a bridge between the Mediterranean region and foreign markets, facilitating the flow of resources and knowledge.


This philosophy also forms the foundation of the Cyprus German Business Association’s which is why the CGBA is participating this year at the Reflect Festival 2024. As a partner of Reflect Festival, the CGBA has secured a special discount of 25% off the original admission price for its members who plan to attend.


In total, 20 tickets are available and will be given out on a first come first serve basis. To access your special discount please contact us on or 96 994 194.

We invite you to join us in celebrating innovation and extending our business networks!