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The Cyprus Germany Business Association


The Board of Directors of the Cyprus Germany Business Association (CGBA) had its first Board Meeting on 5 July 2016.

During the Annual General Meeting held on 22 June 2016, the newly elected Board decided to have its first Board Meeting on 5 July 2016, opposing the decision to have Board Meetings on each last Tuesday of the month, in order to begin the Associations work as soon as possible.

The Board reviewed the latest activities of the Cyprus Germany Business Association, the Cyprus Business Forums held in Frankfurt and Munich at the end of June 2016. The Forums were organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism, the Cyprus Trade Centre in Berlin, and the Cyprus Embassy in Berlin. The Board decided to seek different formats of such promotional events in Germany for future years.

The Board decided to organize a networking reception in Limassol on 27 September 2016, and one in November in Nicosia.

The President Stefan Nolte informed the Board about the intention of the Cyprus Trade Centre within the Cyprus Embassy in Berlin to cooperate with the Association to host a networking reception in Berlin during the second half of November 2016. The event will not promote individual businesses of members but the Cyprus Germany Business Association itself, aiming to develop and to foster strong ties with German business and economic associations, with representatives of German Governmental bodies and the business world. The Board welcomed and approved this event. The Embassy in Berlin together with the President of CGBA and the Secretariat will organize the networking reception.

The Board discussed and decided possible future activities, such as:

  • Quarterly member dinners with keynote speakers, such as, for example, “the Future of Europe” with a German speaker;
  • Seminar for exporting manufacturers in Cyprus, aiming to increase manufacturers’ export capabilities to Germany, such as, for example, a seminar and workshop on enhancing packaging of food products and practical assistance;
  • Possible events with Goethe institute;
  • Event on cooperation between R&D institutes in Germany and how Cyprus could gain from these initiatives;
  • Begin developing a database of German or of German interests businesses for wider reach of the association.

Upon the proposal of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Board decided to announce the founding President of CGBA, Mr. George Michaelides, as Honorary President of the Association.

The Board decided to renew the Association’s website; you are looking at the new version already. Minor missing parts will be completed during the next weeks.

The Board further decided to change the logo of the Association; the new one takes already place on this website.